Her Story Unread

writing with love

My Happy Corner July 28, 2011

Four white walls etched with traces of accidents.


The bright yellow sun
Its rays stretch out to meet me.


A heavy black box
Muffles beats
Soothes my ears.


A comfortable place to sit, reflect, express
Inspires me.


A thick tablet
Accepting, trustworthy, safe
On it I reveal all that is within
Day and night
Night and day.


© LRS 2011



6 Responses to “My Happy Corner”

  1. booguloo Says:

    Sounds like a happy day!

  2. rasmithii Says:

    So perfectly understated and so easy for a writer to connect with. Well done, Reese

  3. Reese S. Says:

    I’m pleased you’re able to connect with my work. I very much enjoy finding kinship with my readers.

  4. lorion Says:

    Again,such beautifully expressed whimsical spaces of reality and heartful pleasures~fantasy meets reality in a gathering of thoughtful wording and carefully choosen expression!! hail to you,inventive writer!!

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