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in this moment August 9, 2011

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the noise
it never quiets
the pull, the push


time forever seeps
from earth’s core
flies through my existence
passes me
quicker than a single breath
escapes their lips


the effortless click, click
clicks of their fingers
leads them no closer
to knowing me
than hoped for, imagined
prayed for


simple love
does not harness life
more complex than human anatomy
flesh meets the heart


i long for an explanation
a map of their actions
a scripted response
a blank soul…
an easier route to
their reciprocated love


a care
a concern
a dream
reality through fantasy
the voices will fade


© LRS 2011



7 Responses to “in this moment”

  1. Steve Says:

    An explanation – a map of their actions ?! Wouldn’t those things be nice in the myriad of emotions/thoughts/worries of relationships – if only 🙂

  2. booguloo Says:

    Clicking through loneliness is becoming more and more common. It’s so easy to try and substitute the keyboard for human contact. Speaking for myself I need to get out and mingle more. Here’s to human contact! Cheers! (bottled water for me) Smiles..

  3. zongrik Says:

    i like the clicking.

  4. Reese S. Says:

    Thanks, J. You need never require forgiveness; I am honored to have you reading 🙂

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