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Caressed August 11, 2011

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Mind full of lust
Heart bursting with love
My body drips passion

All I ever do
Is want

One at a time, we explore
Lovers in the night
Till mornings dawn

Press my thighs into your chest
Smother my face with your breath
To feel every inch of you

A mutual touch
Scents bond
Your warmth soaks my belly

Love only feels like love
When Iā€™m making love
To you


Ā© LRS 2011



11 Responses to “Caressed”

  1. well what can one say very nice poem i looked at your photos earlier your very lovely looking lady.

  2. poethereal Says:

    Incredibly well expressed passion beautifully written. You left me longing….for …more!

  3. swanrose Says:

    wow very cool….

  4. Reese S. Says:

    Beautiful experience as well.

  5. Treyspeaks Says:

    A true erotic poem!!

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