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Numb August 12, 2011

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I realize you need me strong
Forever capable of running this race.
Not made of steel
I sometimes crumble,
It is then
I need your strength.
You let us down
Lost your cool
Made a dangerous mistake.
My trust, now shattered
I gather the remaining pieces
Attempt to salvage our love.
On this empty space beside me
Lingers your scent
I smell you in my dreams.
Why did you let go?
Why do I hold on?
I’ll continue to wait
Just wish you wouldn’t take
So long.
Discover yourself…
Find me.


© LRS 2011



17 Responses to “Numb”

  1. booguloo Says:

    Lots of emotions without be emotional. Great write. Those are tough questions that really need to be answered.

  2. The Poet Says:

    Very great indeed!

  3. j Says:

    “On this empty space beside me
    Lingers your scent
    I smell you in my dreams.”

    Something I’m still recovering from. Lovely poem.

  4. Mr. Watson Says:

    We hold on because it’s in us to love! Great write!

    • Reese S. Says:

      Craig, your words just shook me! You’re so right; for me especially. Thanks for the eye-opener, not sure how I didn’t see that answer so clearly before.

  5. expatinCAT Says:

    A great write because it’s written from the heart…// Peter.

  6. Evelyn Says:

    this is very close to home for me.
    the last two lines especially brought tears…

    • Reese S. Says:

      I’m not happy you’ve had to share this experience, but I’m honored my words brought great emotion to you. Here’s to healing and LOVE. Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope you’ll subscribe as well.

  7. Beautiful poem. My favorite lines are, “Why did you let go? Why do I hold on?”
    It’s something I’ve been through and know how that feels.
    But in all honesty, your profile picture drew me in. 😉 Haha.
    I’m glad I stumbled upon your site 😉

    • Reese S. Says:

      I’m not happy you know these feeling first hand, but I’m glad you were able to connect to this poem! I’m also glad you like what you see & read 😉 I hope you’ll subscribe for future posts.

  8. Reese S. Says:

    Thank you; my emotion is quite real. So glad to have you here!

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