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Mistaken Love August 17, 2011

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In another phase of loneliness
Pulled closer
By your ignore
You preyed on known weaknesses
Spoke solely of my flaws


I long to hear from you
And everyday before
A deadly distraction
This blackened silence


Looking into your eyes
I felt love
It seemed so genuine
Master deceiver
You, my three
On this day, of three


© LRS 2011



9 Responses to “Mistaken Love”

  1. booguloo Says:

    I know those feelings. Time for a 20 minute walk in the sun with the Son. Smiles…

  2. Evelyn Says:

    That middle stanza is like a dark schoolyard chant.
    for some reason it makes me think of blackbirds…
    This is very impressive, your style is consistantly good, even in just
    the few poems I have read.
    and I also like the look of your blog. its seems so YOU.
    look at me, I’m all opinionated today.

    • Reese S. Says:

      Hi Evelyn!! You’re so FUN. I love your energy and so positive. Thank you for your kind words. I’m grateful to have you here. Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts; I love it!

  3. from kevin nice poem reese your making music with words and beautiful poetry too

  4. poethereal Says:

    One day at a time is the way to distance the shot glass solution to life’s issues as well. Not trying to be too preachy; just speaking from personal experience. Pouring depressants on depression is a lose lose slow suicide. Love the way you express yourself so raw and honest. 🙂

  5. poethereal Says:

    This response ended up on the wrong piece. Sorry. I’m sure you know where it goes.

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