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soft-pink kisses August 26, 2011

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rubbing lotion into her skin

she remembers his touch…

gently massaging her breasts

twirling her nipples

hands full of flesh

he lovingly strokes her legs

works his breath between her thighs

gripping her ass

he hums sweet tunes

laps drops of sweet nectar

body turned, her breasts press into the pillows

the rough of his face

inches down her back

wet kisses soak her flesh

his whispers are light

his touch is commanding

this night they are lovers

reuniting souls

fingertips endlessly search for lost, known desires

reaching to recklessly please

to gather her liquid heart

to taste obvious love

not a delicate rose

she prefers his strength

the force of his hands, arms

the pressure of his tongue

the smell of his confidence ignites her passion

warming licks outnumber her sighs

her moans grow heavier

with each pant

she grips his neck

pulls his face deeper into her fragrance

to leave him forever stained

always yearning to taste her

once more…

remembered love


*inspired by you*


© LRS 2011



18 Responses to “soft-pink kisses”

  1. knightsheart Says:

    Pleasant memories and dreams of Love. Well done!!!

  2. j Says:

    this one leaves me speechless…oh how lovely…this thing called love.

  3. booguloo Says:

    If I get halfway through I’m the color blue. whew.. lol

  4. David M. Green Says:

    The imagery is excellent. 🙂

    • Reese Says:

      thanks, David. my first time writing a piece through characters. it was great fun exploring my own body, remembering love, trying to find all the right colors to paint this picture.

  5. poethereal Says:

    Beautiful piece through and through. Great sensory images drawing me in savoring the moment vicariously. What a wonderful opportunity as a voyeur.
    “the smell of his confidence ignites her passion” Love this line

    • Reese Says:

      thank you, Scott. drawing my readers in to experience the feelings i felt was my intent. i’m so glad it worked!

  6. This leaves me breathless! Simply beautiful! Thank you for your words and inspiration, Reese.

  7. poetryofpain Says:

    This is pretty straight forward and vivid… Thanks for sharing it…

  8. unikorna Says:

    Very intense…experiment. You left me…a bit…restless :))).

    • Reese Says:

      Thank you SO much. I appreciate you reading, your comment, and your compliment! Too kind, girl. Hope you’ll visit again soon 🙂

  9. The Hook Says:

    Great poetic analysis of a kiss.
    Excellent piece.

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