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Walking in the Light August 31, 2011

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Heart racing
Increased breaths
The emptiness behind these walls fills with terror.
Forced to view my reflection through his eyes
I tremble with fear.
Questioning if his love is genuine
I test his level of acceptance
Revealing my soul’s darkest secret.
Strong enough to say goodbye
Hoping he won’t also disappear
Ask me to face this alone.


As I write each word
I also say it aloud
Wanting my own ears to finally accept the twisted truth.
So sure he’s scared, disgusted, and ready to run
I push,
“It’s okay. I understand. You can go, I’ll be fine.”
In my heart I plead,
Please don’t leave me all alone. Please still love me. Please, I need you.


Confusion instantly flees
I hear myself
I know
I see what I see
Found, I am home.
I feel peace blanket me entire.
Calm releases from my gut and spreads
Searching for freedom
Out through my toes, fingertips, mouth, and top of my head
Spins around, covering me complete.
No longer bound by darkness,
Trapped dead in secrets
It is well with my soul
I am free.


Tenderness whirls through my body.
He gently takes my heart in his hands
Breathes life back into my deadened spirit.
Softly, softer than ever before
He kisses my forehead
Lovingly hugs me close
Sings songs of praise as I weep in his embrace.
He never once closes his eyes
Turns his back
Or leaves my presence.
He takes my hand
Stitches it to his own
So we may take this journey together,
Reclaim passion
Live in love.


© LRS 2011



9 Responses to “Walking in the Light”

  1. you live in love and full of joy
    your heart races for the moment
    as you toy with your heart
    and sesuality through
    moments of pleasure that come fromm deep
    within a volcanic eruptios a orgasms begin.

    a beautiful poem with words of passion and togetherness live love and joy.

  2. knightsheart Says:

    I love the sheer intimacy of revealing yourself to your love and being accepted for who you are. Beautiful poem.

  3. adi Says:

    this is beautiful poetry
    felt the sense of longing and letting go at the same time
    really well written

  4. yo! he came back 🙂

  5. The Hook Says:

    Love does raise EVERY emotion to the surface, doesn’t it?

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