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Our First Dance September 7, 2011

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audio clip of —> Our First Dance


Skin smelling of orange honey blossom
A light glisten of dew
Silky locks drape my shoulders
Melon scented gloss smoothes over puckered lips
Three inch spiked heels
Snuggly embrace these delicate toes
Freshly painted crimson red
I fill the seams of my favorite black dress
Taunt breasts peek slightly
Hoping to capture a glance


I walk into Shade
The blues band plays tonight
Luring me to the dance floor
Sitting at the dimly lit bar
Ordering a glass of Cabernet
Leaving my imprint along the rim


A light tap upon my shoulder
My body shudders
“Is this him?”
One last sip
Red flows pass my tongue
Down my throat
Warms my chest
Excites my flesh


Turning to take his hand
I look up, into his eyes
All I’ve held within
All I’ve desired
All I’ve struggled to imagine
In his eyes
In the touch of his hand
I feel truth
I know love


For tonight,
The risk in a naughty smile
Grabs me by the waist
Into his arms
Our bodies sway to romantic rhythms
The strength of his hands on my back
Promises a night of sweaty passion


The closeness,
In which he pulls my body into his
Feeling his pulse pressed against my thighs
Promises protection, safety
Allowing me to be vulnerable with him
The tears in his darkened eyes
Honored to share our first dance
Promises real love, true love
For all eternity


Without a single spoken word
Our eyes lock, gripping all attention
Our hearts race, love reaches climax
Our lips part, slowly we ease towards passion
To finally cease the intense longing
Insatiable cravings
Aching desire
To feel and fill one another


Quivering lips meet
His tongue; soft, warm
Breath smelling of Scotch,
Tenderly heats my mouth
Ravenous for his kiss
I feast
Sucking, kissing, licking his mouth, lips, tongue
We never break
Not even for a breath
Finally clutched in love
This dance is where life begins
And ends


© LRS 2011



26 Responses to “Our First Dance”

  1. iBeingMe Says:

    Loved it totally 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. knightsheart Says:

    Beautiful dance of love and life. You showed us… Well done.

  3. Steve Says:

    HOT with passion – I read it slowly and was immersed in the moment – I pictured myself – with a slight breath of scotch joining you – absolutely beautiful write Reese !! I’m off for a cold shower 😉

  4. Ray Sostre Says:

    Wow I am very touched by poem; very sensual and intimate. I look forward for more.

    – AfterDark Online

  5. jval2009 Says:

    A very beautiful poem I loved it thank you

  6. dokurtybitz Says:

    a beautiful, wondrous poem,,it moves me

  7. tunisa101 Says:

    Reese, this was a nice short story. I was taken by it. It was heartwarming, kind of mystical with a touch of that Cinderella moment (where we girls always wanna be when it comes to that special one!) Thanks for sharing

  8. Mr. Watson Says:

    Wow… The perfect picture painted Reese !!!! I love this! Love all of ur work!

  9. poethereal Says:

    Very passionate and sensual. I’d like to see that black dress filled to overflowing. Really enjoyed the mood of the piece. Wonderfully descriptive write.

  10. Steve S. Says:

    I really enjoyed this writing, so many great lines. I felt like I was there. From the first word to the middle & end were awesome. Keep up the good work.

  11. The Hook Says:

    That sounds like one hell of a dance!
    Your words explode through the blogosphere with fiery passion.
    Well done!

  12. how brilliant. lovely delivery.

    Greetings: Glad to visit your poetry island to enjoy your talented writing today.

    Hope all is well….

    We are celebrating one year anniversary, wish to invite you to join us today, first time participants are encouraged to share 1 to 3 random poems or Haikus with us today,

    Hope to see you in, feel free to claim award tags in the post.
    You Deserve The Best!

    Bless your Tuesday!

    Jingle Poetry Community

    Jingle Poetry at The Gooseberry Garden


  13. This is something of an erotic epic! A short story in poetic fashion. The way you portray your anticipation of even seeing or feeling the first touch is captivating. A sensual and passionate masterpiece

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