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Empty Love September 13, 2011

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Intentionally creating silence
Hoping to be ignored
Something I can more easily relate to than this outpouring of attention


You make clear this murky water of despair flowing freely through my heart
Never before deemed important enough to be sought out
Remembered, made whole


Even if your care is all for show
Your love just words
Your thoughts intended for another
I’ll accept


At times, sadness overwhelms my mind
Tramples through my heart like a tornado
Destroying everything in its path


Why can’t I hold you?
Why after all I’ve done
Am I no more important than the strangers you pass?


Your presence would conquer all my doubts
Put to rest all my questions,
Yet strike fear to the depths of my core


Certain I’m only worth it from a distance
Walls go back up
Barriers I broke down slowly return


The pain felt against my flesh, I can tolerate
The strikes made against my heart drain my eyes
Every last drop
Emptying my soul for selfish gain


Darkness seeps from my being
It is fact
I am just your muse


© LRS 2011



12 Responses to “Empty Love”

  1. beautiful expressions.
    love it.


  2. unikorna Says:

    A very subtle but strong sadness. We’ve all been there and it’s very familiar. Very touching though…

  3. Evelyn Says:

    “Intentionally creating silence
    Hoping to be ignored”
    why, whatever do you mean.

  4. zumpoems Says:

    Very emotive and impinging. Very surprising ending for me — quite strong! Definitely 5 stars!

  5. Steve Says:

    Beautiful words from the heart 🙂 love can as you say seem so empty but the little things, simple things – a date remembered, or a name recalled means that person has listened to what you’ve said, taken it in, when someone does that – they love you 🙂

    • Reese Says:

      releasing empty love; it’s been a struggle for me, but i am releasing empty love. i have been, more so recently, drawing near to those that show they love me… genuine love, simple love… through care and concern. i find it a much more comfortable place to be than the heartache, the despair, the sorrow that empty love has brought me. i’m wearing my smile, owning my beauty, embracing passion. i am finally loving and living happy!!

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