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Circle of Love September 22, 2011

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Love fuels, my constant need,
Knocks me side to side
Drops me to my knees,
Stretches my heart pass entire
Feeds my soul her every desire,
Forces all of me to feel
To feel ache, aching need.


Love fuels, my constant need,
Need to feel
To feel loved.


Love fuels, my constant need,
Need to touch
To touch flesh,
Flesh exposed
Exposing my heart,
A heart, open to you
You, whom I love.


Love fuels, my constant need,
Need to love
To love, you.


© LRS 2011



18 Responses to “Circle of Love”

  1. zumpoems Says:

    Love the repetition and the 7-3-7-3 format to set up a very nice ending!

  2. abichica Says:

    awesome poem.. i love it..

  3. Umesh Rao Says:

    Love fuels, my constant need,
    Need to write
    And to read
    Wonderful poetry
    Filled with nice imagery
    A piece, very well written
    With some amazing verses

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. rasmithii Says:

    the desire in the voice of the piece only outdone by the fear…Rasii

    • Reese Says:

      I’m surprised you picked up on that, but if it were to be expected from anyone, I would have guessed it’d be you. Thanks for reading, Robert.

  5. knightsheart Says:

    Beautiful flow and form. Great Poem!
    “Love fuels my constant need”

  6. Mr. Watson Says:

    Love is powerful! Beautiful poem Reese ! You truly inspire me!

  7. Steve Says:

    Ah – the need to love – and the need to be loved. When you have the answer please share it with me first – then go on to make your $$millions 🙂 lovely composed poem Reese – I love the repetition – repetition that happens within a relationship – the back and forth of falling in love and falling out of love !! For me – you write about both the passion and the pain love brings. You spoke to my heart – thank you – a lovely poem !! 🙂 Steve

    • Reese Says:

      Steve, I always look forward to your comments. You make me dig a little deeper into the emotions I felt at the time I wrote. You regularly inspire me. Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts 😉

  8. The Hook Says:

    We never fill our need for love, do we? Well-written!

  9. The fusion of physical and emotional need is powerfully conveyed. The word “need” is so expressive. The whole piece drives my mind toward the memory of hunger or thirst…that intense aching for something our hearts consider vital to survival. Beautiful!

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