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Effortless Love September 30, 2011

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No matter how tall, or how far, he is the man I love.


The man I long to hold
Within my embrace.
To kiss his lips,
Feel the rough of his smile
Soothe my ache.


Walking side by side,
Hand in hand;
Eyes memorizing his every move,
Preparing blue prints
For my tongue.


A single moment, to taste his breath,
Ecstasy would be mine.
A fire ignites,
Penetrates my soul,
As I simply think of him.


My body swells,
Overwhelmed with passion, with angst,
As I talk to him.
Readied fingers scurry
As I read his words.


Tears of joyous pleasure meet my lips,
As I see him.
A word,
A laugh,
A picture.


My wake is met with
Only happiness,


No matter how tall, or how far, he is the man I love.


Β© LRS 2011



23 Responses to “Effortless Love”

  1. zumpoems Says:

    Great to see another post of yours! This would make great lyrics for a classic jazz song! Of course it reminds me of the original “The man I love” (with lyrics by Ira Gershwin) but this is very different — but very good!

    • Reese Says:

      Thank you, ZumPoems!! I always appreciate your kind words & enthusiasm for my wriitng. I love that this reminded you of such a beautiful song. As I wrote it to my own melody, I wondered it others might pick up on the tune in my head. I’m glad you sensed a musical sense to this piece. I thank you kindly.

  2. knightsheart Says:

    What a lucky man! Excellent passionate love poem.

    • Reese Says:

      Just as lucky is he, so am I. Blessed by passionate love indeed! Thank you for always taking the time too visit and comment, KinghtsHeart. I appreciate your words.

  3. rasmithii Says:

    “Tears of joyous pleasure” great image…well done, Reese

    • Reese Says:

      Robert, thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. It means a lot coming from you. I truly admire you and your words.

  4. Umesh Rao Says:

    Wonderfully written!
    “My wake is met with
    Only happiness,
    My favorite lines.
    “No matter how tall, or how far, he is the man I love”
    He surely is a lucky man πŸ™‚

    Enjoyed reading this poem!

  5. Sxybklvr Says:

    Effortless as I feel it should be

  6. Evelyn Says:

    “Eyes memorizing his every move,
    Preparing blue prints
    For my tongue.”

  7. awesome poem and the style is exactly what I can understand deeply.
    Thanks for sharing it

  8. Mr. Watson Says:

    Speechless yet again….

  9. Steve S. Says:

    Nice poem, I liked the pace of this & your word choice. Sounds like a nice love story.

  10. lorion Says:

    What a beautiful love story~u ever thought of writing some song lyrics??

  11. Of passions and expressions
    You have fashioned your confessions
    In a beautiful enclosure
    To expose your deep obsessions
    And they make quite an impression!


    Grand work, my dear. A lovely poem indeed. I am now subscribed to this blog and I anxiously await more of your work!

    • Reese Says:

      I love your artistic expressions and it seems I’ve inspired you, which makes me smile bright! Thank you for subscribing. I’m excited to share with you going forward.

  12. The Hook Says:

    Love IS effortless, right? Now if only relationships were…

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