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In My Presence October 23, 2011

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No one can hear her in my presence
I won’t crumble or grow weary,
More beautiful than words
Allow me to show you what these lips can do,
Come to me.


With my hand
Palm your chest, stroke your heart, and forget her cries,
I offer all of my passion
We lustfully play, blindly fall,
Come to me.


I won’t beg for your love,
My sole desire; your hands exploring my body
Your mouth whispering along my flesh
Your eyes smiling with mine,
Come to me.


I kiss my soul into yours, absorb your truths
Let you feel my mouth’s heart immerse your strength,
She is unable to please as I do
Step away from words, walk into my embrace,
Come to me.


© LRS 2011



17 Responses to “In My Presence”

  1. “I kiss my soul into yours, absorb your truths
    Let you feel my mouth’s heart immerse your strength,”

    Your imagery is brilliant and riveting. I adore your style! I am off to explore your art…

    • Reese Says:

      I am happy you stumbled upon my blog. Your soul overflows with generosity and beauty, spills over into my heart. What an amazing gift you have given me tonight.

  2. dokurtybitz Says:

    very nice!!

  3. Sxybklvr Says:

    I feel depth and so much yearning. My heart aches.

  4. booguloo Says:

    Beautiful love poem.

  5. I am wrapping myself in your third stanza….Edward

  6. i just loved the poem. Turn it into reality.

  7. Ray Sostre Says:

    Excellent poem! It sounds intimate.

  8. The Hook Says:

    Beautiful, moving and hot! You are truly gifted to have created a piece that reaches so many different levels. Nicely done.

  9. Reblogged this on georgeforfun and commented:
    beautiful and touching

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