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Forever Forgotten November 23, 2011

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Wallowing in the loneliness that nags at my soul
Unable to understand this need to be adored
How it all stems with you


A bitter, angry man haunted by regret
Never willing to love more than you fear
Draining my worth from the lips of your empty heart


Leave me
Leave this place
Your ignore deadens my spirit


I ache each night
Cry myself to sleep
Beg God to fill your thoughts with me


Longing to be the source of your consume
Wanting to be your addiction
Your attention, be paid to me


Your selfishness
It is torture
And I run into it with open arms every time


I’m a glutton for punishment
Feed me your poison continually
And I’ll be yours, always


© LRS 2011



10 Responses to “Forever Forgotten”

  1. sxybklvr Says:

    Unfortunately more than one person fits this description for me.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Anguish, passion, despair all deftly expressed – the toil of the poet well done in that respect.

    Even thought eventually the pain diminishes, the beauty of your writing survives. That’s the good part . . . Isn’t it?

    Keep writing . . . it will make you feel good . . . it is fulfilling . . . it stays with you.

    • Reese Says:

      somedays, the only way i can imagine better days, is when i go back and read poems i’ve written in the past. i see the up/down patterns in my life through my poems and it is a reminder that things always get better 🙂

  3. Sometimes those who hurt others are truly the most hurt. Those seemingly uncaring or cruel hearts are often the tormented ones who cannot find their way from the dungeons of their pain into the light of day. The poison is potent indeed

  4. Epizeuxis Says:

    Complex feelings described so purely…

  5. Osayi Says:

    wow…don’t know how to respond…
    why is it okay to go back to a selfish person…hmmm feelings…yeah, I guess it’ll get you every time…if you let it…

    thanks for sharing!

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