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The Beauty of Love December 23, 2011

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Glistening in deep memories
of false stories bled
from souls of family’s broken pasts.
Inventing a stronger wealth
of faith and trust in love’s true tale.
turned into sweet surrender.
Responsible for recreating traditions,
I must sort through the abandon,
forgive and trust love.
Pondering the heartbreak
of distractions allowed,
living with common mistakes
and the regrets of others,
purging the behaviors tormenting my soul.
Following a new pattern
of obedience and honesty.
I will live the life
God intended me to embrace,
without stones of guilt
blocking my heart from breathing.
In it’s place,
filling my being
with the perfect harmony of understanding,
I am beauty.


© LRS 2011



5 Responses to “The Beauty of Love”

  1. Jeff Says:

    This is a stirring reaffirmation, refreshing, a commitment to knowing a new direction, to looking upward as well.

    It is nicely written . . . and as usual, from the heart.

    Keep believing in yourself . . . there is happiness there.

  2. Agreeing with the Jeff’s comments about the affirmative declaration of a self within the congruous whole of Divinity,I am struck by the only one word line in the poem. The inherency of ironic salvation and its movement from the head to the body and through the heart to release,is re-inforced by giving this line a visual stature of a bottleneck…I liked that it put lit-up words in dark places that I don’t go often enough inside myself…thanks for sharing…Edward

  3. Sxybklvr Says:

    Working through family stuff every holiday gets easier if you focus on love. Beautiful.

  4. Stunning. Such depth in these words…I see so many things encompassing love, spirituality, social expectations, relationships…

    This is a masterful expression. I think I will go read it again…

  5. mswillz Says:

    This is beautiful.

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