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Becoming My Own December 28, 2011

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It starts with a single assumption
digging deeper into my mind
until my heart accepts it as truth.

It stirs
as I toss and turn.

Gasping to breathe the air of peace,
“Be still,” I whisper,
“Know your worth and be still.”

Uncomfortable, left in silence
alone with my thoughts.

Can I love on my own?
Will I be able to sleep
saying goodnight to my soul, alone?

Must I always hear I love you
to love me?

Sinking into me,
I can heal, grow.

I will
become my own.


© LRS 2011



3 Responses to “Becoming My Own”

  1. A striking and soul stirring resolution. Lovely thoughts, my friend. Such emotion and longing…I feel it inside. Thank you for sharing

  2. Jeff Says:

    You write from the heart. What is there is the poet’s fuel and you have an abundance. So I think you will long have inspiration for your writing.

    Your gifts for putting into words what you feel make you special. What you write about most of us have felt. Your words have us feeling it again. So you have done the poet’s work.

    And if I may offer a personal remark: Take comfort in the gift you have and never doubt that you are loved.


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