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Free To Be January 4, 2012

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The most severe conquest
I’ve yet to endure,
The battle of hope beneath fears.

An unknown freedom trapped under walls,
Self-preservation for future endeavors
And lies eliminated, my deepest desire.

Strong enough to carry others,
Understanding what’s best for me.

Freeing my former agreements from their commitment to hurt,
Forming new balance,
My soul’s ablaze for relief.

Watch and wonder,
Capture the essence of me as I spill my everything between these lines.

Love me because I’m worth it,
Open your eyes to me because I’ve earned it,
Stay near to me because you want to.

Another great feat under my belt,
And in the days to come
I will be free, to be me.


© LRS 2012



2 Responses to “Free To Be”

  1. zumpoems Says:

    Yes, being oneself is a large component of freedom.

  2. Amanda Says:

    I love this, it is totally where I am at right now. I am on the very beginning of a new road. This time I plan on learning who I am, and I am traveling for me and only me.

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