Her Story Unread

writing with love

Held May 10, 2018

Side by side – we fought
against everyone, we clung to our fears.

Masked – hiding from the all
of wholeness, together we stayed confined.

Protected, guarded, armed for war,
the hearts we shattered – ignored.

Safe and abused we stood crippled,
alone – gasping for embrace.

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Still Alive May 7, 2018

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I am still alive. I am here.

You lose, depression.

You lose, fear.

I am still alive. I am here.

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hushed May 6, 2018

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Out of unintentional compliance, voluntarily I quieted the voice of my soul.

Backed away, went into hiding; I ran from her.

Unacknowledged and disconnected, I kept her in the dark… abandoned and muzzled.

Listening to everyone else.

Submissively surrendered my self, and to the wolves fed my soul’s voice.

The voice aching… to be acknowledged. Expressed. Heard.

I felt her pleas; gnawing at my eyes, distorting all I saw – clouding every awareness, a desperate attempt to be seen.

A truth unread – her story.

©2018 All Rights Reserved.


Seeker April 4, 2016

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Where do I find you,
Man willing to fall in love.
In love,
I wait

For you.

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Forget Me Not January 25, 2016

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Do you
Know the taste of my lips

Might you
Remember the passion of my love

I left
You with plenty
Aching memories of my touch

Long for me.

©2016 All Rights Reserved.


Handwritten January 20, 2016

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I placed a fire within him,
The passion I reached for
And walked away with depth.

Searching endlessly for talent
I kissed the life of an artist,
Painted a love I couldn’t find.

Yet I longed for lines, and
Tales and a chance at happiness,
Until I smiled into the night
Feeling every inch of pain.

Dreaming awake, still,
Reaching out to be with you
For days and nights and songs to come.

©2016 All Rights Reserved.


Unloved, Unread January 8, 2016

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How many,
How many of them hurt
the way I do.

Do they,
Do they know how often
my heart breaks again.

Will ever,
Will ever the word normal
be how I feel.

When almost every
moment is hard to breathe, I
wake to find hope in the
embrace of love. Yet
love is something I can’t find
here. Not within my self.

©2016 All Rights Reserved.


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