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Seeker April 4, 2016

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Where do I find you,
Man willing to fall in love.
In love,
I wait

For you.

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Forget Me Not January 25, 2016

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Do you
Know the taste of my lips

Might you
Remember the passion of my love

I left
You with plenty
Aching memories of my touch

Long for me.

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Handwritten January 20, 2016

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I placed a fire within him,
The passion I reached for
And walked away with depth.

Searching endlessly for talent
I kissed the life of an artist,
Painted a love I couldn’t find.

Yet I longed for lines, and
Tales and a chance at happiness,
Until I smiled into the night
Feeling every inch of pain.

Dreaming awake, still,
Reaching out to be with you
For days and nights and songs to come.

©2016 All Rights Reserved.


Unloved, Unread January 8, 2016

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How many,
How many of them hurt
the way I do.

Do they,
Do they know how often
my heart breaks again.

Will ever,
Will ever the word normal
be how I feel.

When almost every
moment is hard to breathe, I
wake to find hope in the
embrace of love. Yet
love is something I can’t find
here. Not within my self.

©2016 All Rights Reserved.


Hope For Things To Come January 1, 2016

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I left
A familiar despair,
I carry it no more.

The fall
Attacked my spirit,
I fought back with angst.

My victory
Filled with hope,
I live in His promises.


©2016 All Rights Reserved.


Authentically Me December 31, 2015

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I have a foundational creative insight which manifests in many different ways depending on my mood, circumstances, and resources.  I often shift my creative outlets and interests fairly quickly.  This realization has provided me with the freedom required to release myself from expectations to fit molds deemed acceptable by agreements I’ve made. My desire to drift away from creative concepts that encompass me, is not a form of failure.  It is growth.  It is transformation.  It is the way my creative self works best.  I’m determined to embrace my whole being and accept who I am, loving her completely.  I won’t judge or punish myself anymore for being authentically me.

©2015 All Rights Reserved.


First Love December 30, 2015

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The etches of my soul
Call to you, my love.
Your adoration beckons me
From the depths of despair.

The softest caress of your
Hand embracing the curves of
My neck. I am yours.
The colors of your heartbeat
Press into the whites of my eyes. I watch life.

Dearest lover, my most treasured of fairs, I love eternally.
Forever carried in the bosom of grace, you loved me first.

©2015 All Rights Reserved.


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